Anyone grown one of these?

Yesterday I purchased a wisteria Amethyst Falls basically because I'm a sucker for beauty. The description says it will grow to 60cm but I've just googled it and some comments say it can grow several meters. Still not a problem. If I know for sure it will grow meters I can grow it up a trellis if it's going to be small I'll keep it in a pot. Advice from someone who has one would be great.


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    Wisteria usually become very large plants - I cannot imagine why a label would say 60 cms, several meters would be more like it.  They are grown often on very firm wires across the front of a house or on a wall.  A trellis would have to be very heavyweight to take the weight of the plant and its flowers once it starts to flower.  Amethyst Falls I believe can have trusses of flowers up to 15 - 18 inches long, so you can imagine how big the plant is going to get.  It is true that you can grow them in a large tub and train them as a tree shape, but I know nothing about how that is done.  Don't expect flowers in the immdediate future, this is another lovely plant with which you need to  be patient, it will need to settle and grow the roots which will be big enough to support the plant - it will need good feeding and careful pruning as well, to get the best from it.

    My friend has a beauty which grows over 2 sides of her house - all from one plant - and it flowers gloriously - but it is BIG, so please be prepard for that.

    There are some very good books and websites devoted to the growing of wisteria, which you may find infirmative.   I do not have one, but I know the pruning is essential for good flowering.  Have fun and enjoy.

  • Thanks for your comment Bookertoo. I believe this is an American  variety not Japanese it is in a 2ltr pot at the moment and is only about 24 inches but it already has several blooms about 4inches long. Which is why I was drawn to it. I've had a one as you describe for about 12 years and I'm still waiting for it to flower (I think it's in the wrong place). I'll keep googling.


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    ..yes you're right it's an American hybrid of Wisteria frutescens which doesn't get so big as the ones we usually grow here... I've seen these Amethyst Falls in plant centres and they do look nice, the flower panicles are not as long as the far east Wisterias and lack scent I think....  even so, from what I gather, I would grow this on a support expecting 8 or 10 foot eventually I should think - a shorter climber ... it also flowers young, which is why it's getting a popular Wisteria to grow and suitable for small gardens....that's the information I picked up from researching it a while ago, as I was thinking of getting one at some point...

  • Thanks Salino 8-10 ft would be rather wonderful as that would pretty much fit in anywhereimage. It was a lovely 'come buy me' plant and for £9.99  pot or trellis don't feel robbed. I'm thinking maybe try putting it into a large pot and see what happens maybe plant into the ground next year.

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    Sounds wonderful I'd love a 'small' wisteria, will look on plant finder for one like that. 

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    Hi Littleweeds, yes the Amethyst Falls grows to about 12 foot, and flowers when young.  The pruning rules are the same as all wisteria - and the pruning really does make a difference!  Do you know about the twice-a-year routine?  If not, happy to tell you about it!

    Sorry to hear you have one already that isn't flowering - that's disappointing.  Sometimes you do get a plant that just refuses.  But if you've not been pruning it, it is really worthwhile trying it - my friend had a flowerless wisteria that was twenty feet tall, no flowers at all.....but after just two years of giving it the right pruning it was absolutely covered in gorgeous blooms!

    Let us know how you get on...


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