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aster confusion

i have grown some aster this year and it seems to be the only empty seed pack that didnt make it back indoors as i usually like o keep them untill there planted out.. but i sown these asters back in beginging of march and was wondering whther they are at their right height for their age as they look a bit stunted in growth? also some sites on the internet are saying that asters are perenails is that true? the pack i sowed was just Aster Mixed? thank you 




  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,431

    there are asters perennial, like Michaelmas daisies and lots of others. 

    and there are annuals that were called asters when I was a child and may be called china asters. Mixed is more likely to be an annual mix. you can grow the perennial species from seed but you won't see the seed in a GC very often

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  • ok thank you very much i may try and get the seeds off the net image

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