We have an invasion of moles in our veggie garden and lawns,also in surrounding fields. Tried traps but there seems to be more coming from next doors woodland maybe. Is there anyway to put them off coming in our direction? There must be an army of them out there!...


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    ...there probably is!  It does seem that there are alot of them this year, our roadside verges are heaped high - must get out there and gather some soil for the seed trays.

    You can do things with noise to make them dislike your area, open plastic bottles in the holes make a nasty noise they don't like - there are commercial mole scarers too - don't know how effective they are against the gentlemen in velvet, It used to be said that moth balls dropped in the holes made them dislike that tunnel too, but as you can't get moth balls any more that's no good - maybe ammonia or something like that?

    Hope someone knows more for you about this. 

  • morticiamorticia Posts: 3

    Thanks, have tried loads of things - including the 'supersonic molechaser', but they came up right beside that- so that was useless! lol..

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Diluted Jeyes Fluid apparently gets rid of cats, maybe pouring some of that down the holes will work as well!image

  • Alex 4Alex 4 Posts: 56

    I had a mole for 6 months in my once beautiful lawn and it ruined a large part of it. I tried various traps - the mole(s) went round them. I tried urine - the moles seemed to like it. I tried smoke things - the moles moved 6 inches away. I tried a water pressure thing down the holes - they LOVED that! This particular mole started digging a new patch of my lawn every morning at 7am. In the end I was so mad, I went out at 7am in my nightclothes with a barbecue skewer and stabbed like crazy all over the lawn (what neighbours?). It never came back. I have read that moles die if they sustain any small injury which leads to bleeding because their blood cannot clot but I don't know if this is true. Maybe I nicked it. Maybe it just thought it had better scarper from the crazy woman. 

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    Alex4.   I completely understand the madness they instill in people.   I don't have them now but they 'Took over' my life for many years.  I hate them with a passion.   Little velvety coated gentlemen they are not.  image You are very lucky if they have gone for good.  I doubt it because younger moles will inhabit an old run.  Iv done all th things you have done A4 and more.   

    My only suggestions are move house or get a gun !! image 

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    They do a lot of damage to the garden, my dad used to plant a row of runner beans and it would go from one length to the other, dad would plant them back and next day, up again. In the end he got a trap that did work, he's now a dab hand at it, knowing which way and where the runs are going, now teaching the skill to my OH as dad is almost 92 there will come a time when dad can't do it!

    Before anyone says Ah, live and let live, there's about 20 or more miles in all directions from here where this is nothing but forests, fields wide natural verges, they have plenty of room, just not in my tiny corner of a field.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Alex 4Alex 4 Posts: 56

    Madness for sure. I shudder at the thought of them. I won't normally kill any creature but I'd happily help to get these little beggars blasted to extinction. I don't know why they were ever invented.

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    and they earthworms!and we all love earthworms. Nature's little rotovators. 

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