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watering new seed

i am currently growing new seed on large areas of my lawn i am using luxury seed from wilco mixed in with surestart 4 day germination, i am just checking with fellow users who are in the same process as my self that i am not doing any harm in watering everyday,i have been seeding for decades but i just want to make sur. my old verticle sprinkler finally packed in yesterday after 3 seasons it only cost £4 from xs stock warehouse in irvine,but yesterday i purchased a hozelock pro for £29.99 in homebase and as expected it is alot more powerfull,covering a vast distance.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,300

    Keep it moist, that's all it needs. Water as often as that takes. Moist, not wet. If your forecast is anything like ours you won't have to do much watering

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