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Nandina Domestica

my Nandina Domestica has not done much this 1st year ive had it.  still small and green

it did have curled leaves during the year which i guessed at being due to wind, so i moved and think a bit better but doesnt seem to grown much.

my garden is a good sun spot but also wide open to the wind.  my beech and acer pre bonsai in growing area also had curled leaves.  i live and learn, didnt realize the wind was that bad against the fence


any tips with Nandina Domestica?





  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 298

    Nandina likes neutral to acid soil, so check the pH of your soil - if it's too alkaline it may fail. Also, although it likes full sun, it needs shelter so just by moving it you may have solved your problem.  I also found that mine in my last garden was fairly slow growing so don't panic too much.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,838

    Acers mostly get shrivelled leaves through lack of moisture which strong winds can exacerbate so make sure yours has rich soil which retains moisture and water it in dry spells.

    I find nandina very wussy.  I had two in the ground which looked great for one whole season and coloured up well but then crumpled in a bad winter.  I managed to rescue one and get it to grow again but it is very slow going even in a pot in a quiet, sunny spot and then sheltered in the greenhouse over winter.

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    Mine are doing well as expected, two yr old got moved and one yr old smaller but happy and both now throwing out flowering panicles?  You know what I mean? 

    My soil is neutral and I live in the south east 

  • I've had mine about 2yrs now. Its in a large pot and its more than doubled in size. Its in a sheltered sunny spot.

  • Mine hasn't done much either.  Not grown nor died.  Neutral/acid clay soil.  Sheltered sun.  been in 2 years.

  • I have nothing to add to this, I just want to say that Wintersong's dog is gorgeous. 

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    Catherine, have you read his/her bibliography, it'll make you smile (it did me)image

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