North/South/East/West facing decking


I'm helping a mate put down some decking. I've always been a paving kind of person so i'm quite new to it. Is there an ideal position for decking in terms of aspect? Does a north facing deck rot? Does a south facing deck have to be oiled more regularly? Do we need to use a different wood accordingly?


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  • lydiaannlydiaann Posts: 261

    If you place it mainly south, you will need good brollies/awnings (no matter how much people complain, it does get hot on sunny days in England...).  And when do you want to use it?  It's not often you can use any deck if it's north-facing.  East-facing is fine if you want to have your breakfast out there.  I would suggest south to south-west, that way you get longer in the evening to enjoy a quiet glass of wine and in the cooler days of spring/autumn/winter, if there is good shelter, it's nice to have your morning coffee out there.  Use a wood that will withstand wet weather and use a proprietary stain (not oil-based; talk to your local B&Q).  I think you'd be better going with a good patio - decking can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain.  As someone who has lived in Canada and had a large deck on the back of the house, I can attest to that...

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    I'd put decking only in a position which received the maximum amount of sunshine and breeze possible. Wet decking is a death trap. There are specially designed types of decking which have inset strips of non-stick material but the regular boards really need to be varnished with an anti-slip finish. We have chicken wire stapled down to all the steps in an effort to make those at least safe.

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    I'm about to have the paving along the north wall of our house replaced with shingle. It gets slick with algae / mud from about now until May & is treacherously slippery. Even worse if we have snow or a frost because it gets no sun at all to defrost it. Decking would be the same & probably more difficult to clean off.

    I'm not a "breakfast outside" person but I do like a G&T in the evening sun - so definitely west / south west for me image

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    If your mate's decided on it, fair enough, but I wouldn't have it in my garden.  Lots of work and money to construct, potentially slippery (as discussed), uses up valuable growing space (although that may not be relevant if it's just an alternative to paving) and beasties will set up home underneath.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 24,622

    Never put it anywhere except south or south west. Lethal otherwise. 

    Has to get maximum sun, and even then, be aware when using it after rain if it's sited somewhere next to a door you frequently use - like French or patio doors.

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