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Greenhouse - out of shape - photos..

Further to my earlier threads re my 'slightly mishaped' greenhouse.

I have posted photos - uploading on here does not appear to work - i have therefore put them onto youtube. I never done this appologies but appears to work ok. I will delete them off youtube in a day or two depending on replies.

You will have to pause the photos perhaps. But essentially, my questions are..

- The bent roof strip is quite apparent on a few photos. Thoughts welcome as to why. Certaintly a couple of panes of glass didnt line up..but got them in.

Its a 6 x 10ft aluminum greenhouse, Eden, bought from Argos, with toughened safety glass, 3mm thick.

- You cant tell from the guttering shots or side shots but the greenhouse is bent..looking down the line of the guttering and you cant really see the other is bowed. Both sides.

- The back of the greenhouse - all ok - but..seems..slight..lets say..a little..'thin'..i mean..literally just 3 panes of glass stacked up on one another. Am i missing something. Done something wrong? Connecting it?

Looks, feel strong enough to touch, i think. The door was off a little..i'd say not totally square..but why the rood sags a little? and the off-sides?

- Finally...i zoomed up/paused on some holes in the side frame. About 3 of them either side. What are they for?

I have no spare pieces etc.

On the 4th photo...see the roof joints...they dont come right down etc..that ok?

THANKS for your time/trouble.



  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671

    I would say your roof is bent because the sides are bowed which is pulling the roof down and out of shape where is if the sides where straight the roof would sit right that's what i think your problem is garjobo.

  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Thanks Andy...guessing that myself. So..whats the solution to this? The base was..level..on both sides..cant i strength it..straight it?

  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671

    This may sound silly garjobo but did you check to see if the top roof runner was straight and not bent with transport before you fitted it. If it was me i would take all the glass back out and sort the frame would not have put the glass in if seen it was not sitting right. I got a secondhand one like yours and built it on top of a treated wooden base and it was easy to build it has 10 panes of glass in the back with a runner across about 4ft up and is solid.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Sorry to be a total wet-blanket, but I would not have built it quite so close to the house.  You need to be able to walk right round the house, and to put steps to access the roof, and to clean the glass.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Now, I know nothing of metal greenhouses, but is it usual to have 'fins' sticking up on the outside?  Has anything been constructed inside out?  I've looked at the YouTube over and over again, but I still can't quite see.

  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878

    garjobo i know you said you didnt have any pieces left over but it sounds as though you didnt read the instuctions, are you  absolutly sure the pieces are all in the right place and the right way round 

  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    THANKS for all the replies...'fins' sticking up?? any answers to that one please let me know.

    Its all greek to me..honest the instructions were dreadful..but obviously im at fault. I did swop things about when i realised things werent fitting ...tried my best.

    Welcome any other thoughts..perhaps i will re-take some photos and repost perhaps.

    THANKS again for replies and bothering to take trouble to look.

  • garjobo,

    I've got a 8ft by 10ft greenhouse and the crest of mine droops a little as well.  Structurally mine is fine and it's survived the British weather over the last two winters.

    Some greenhoues come with Catilevers that fit into the eaves to add some additional strength.  See URL for examples:

    If your not sure about the structures strength then getting some of these may help to put your mind at ease.  Fitting them should be easy, but you'll need some cropped headed bolts i believe.  Another URL as an example:


    Again the guttering/sides of my greenhouse bow out a little also.  This is a result of the collective weight of the glass and the roof.  The greenhouse is relying on a solid base as much as anything else to add strength to it.  If the greenhouse was made of a stronger material that did not flex as much, then the bowing would be less but unless you thing that it's outside of the normal level of sag, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Just make sure that you clear snow off it in the winter.



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