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Kaka Beak - Named after New Zealand's native parrot

In early May this year I set 2 Kaka Beak seeds in my greenhouse which both germinated.

I've repotted them & they're 2 Ft high now.

There's side shoots from most leaf axils but no sign of flower buds. Do I pinch out the growing tips or just leave them?



  • Hi Philippa.

    Just seen your reply and yes, it is a Clianthus puniceus.

    I'll leave them in the greenhouse over winter. Probably too much of a shock if I moved them out now. But will do next Spring.

    We live in Leicester. What part of the country do you live in?




  • Hi Philippa.

    Next spring I'll put one in our south facing border and cover it with fleece over winter.

    I'll repot the other one and put it on the patio. Then move it into the greenhouse over winter.

    Mine are red ones. The plant and flowers look impressive on the seed packet.

    Watch this space!!

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