Sick Vine

I have a grape vine (Regent) issue.  It’s not a new vine, it’s been in the soil for approx 6 years.  I have had some lovely grapes off it, but the last 3-4 years it is really struggling.

I have a contorted hazel that has been in the ground nearby for the same amount of time.  Now I can conclude the hazel might be taking all the nutrients so I have been feeding and taking care of the vine but the yellowing of leaves and no new growth persists. I garden on chalk so yellowing leaves on plants are a constant battle of mine.  If I don’t do something this autumn/spring I will lose it.

What I need to know is aren’t vines planted nearby other vines in vineyards and thrive?  I would say the hazel is about 6 feet away but it’s glossy green leaves compared to the yellowing sickly leave of the vine leads me to believe it’s out competing the vine.  I have fed it (blood fish and bone, rose food, copious amounts of seaweed elixir), sprayed it with epsom salts at varying times throughout last three years and to no avail.  Because of the chalk the sequestered iron seaweed liquid feed is my food of choice for yellowing leaves and I have had much success with other plants, especially my hibiscus, which is more stunted than if it was not on chalk but the flowers make up for the lack of height.

Not sure what to do for the best, the hazel is quite large now and is probably the culprit, but I don’t understand how vineyards can plant vines quite close together, yet my vine does not enjoy being siting next to it’s hazel neighbour.

It's lost all it's leaves now and it's only the end of October.  I don't hold out much hope for next year.

Any sage advice from this forum would be much appreciated


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,009

    I would have a look for vine weevils. Try an exploratory dig around the root zone to see if there are any grubs. The adults above ground can be hard to spot but a close inspection might reveal some. If it is the dreaded vine weevil then nematode treatment next year and possibly following years too will be needed.

  • Jude97Jude97 Posts: 11

    Oooh, had not thought of that, will have a look see, I suppose the clue is in the name!  Thanks for the tip.

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