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Excited, excited, excited!



  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    I would like to join in too please........just one of many joyous surprises of this Spring. After winter in 2010 I lost a Black Hamburg grape vine. DEVASTATED I was, it was in a large pot going up the pergola and lasted 9 years. I left the dead root and two branches in the pot and planted a jasmine to climb up it.

    Two days ago I noticed a shoot with leaves that looked like(YES).....grape. Boy, it made my day, I couldn't believe it. The shoot is now GUARDED with holly branches(lots of squirrels and cats here). Even if I only get the leaves to stuff with rice (delicious) it is a result.

    It also reminded me that PATIENCE is a major part of gardening. It breaks my heart to watch my neighbours rip out their garden EVERY year and "redesign" it  because they "are tired of waiting for things to grow......" image

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