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Talkback: Frost

Jane what you've said about the allotment looking damp and everything blackened is true. My chilli peppers in my garden all look black with drooping folliage. should I take them out?


  • Mine too - garden's all gone mushy :(
  • This is my first year as a novice vege gardener and I have 2 raised beds in my miniscule back garden in the South East. I have plenty of lettuce, rocket, white chard, spinach, mixed mustard leaves, and bulb fennel still going strong. They seem to have bounced back after the frosts of the last few nights. Should I invest in (caravan) hoops and fleece advertised in a popoular horticultural catalogue to protect my crop? Or would this be money wasted at this time of year and something to purchase in early spring? How long will salad leaves keep going for as winter approaches?
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