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Japanese Acer

Just put new Acer into a container and I'm tempted to prune a "leggy" branch - are there risks to this?


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    I would say it depends on how old it is and if the leggy branch is a large overall part of the tree - ie, if it has 3 branches and you cut one off you are effectively removing a third of the tree.  I've cut back acers with no problems at all at this time of year although they have been established ones.

  • Thanks for that advice Paula. I'd say the acer is quite young - about 24" high and sold in a 7" pot.
    I've had a closer look - there are three main branches, which will be untouched. The leggy one that I'd be reducing for symetry is a secondary branch, so maybe it's Ok to go ahead?


  • XX Posts: 707

    I think that it would be ok Bob.

  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,703

    I  would be wary doing it at this time of year as Acers are one of the trees that can "bleed" quite badly when in active growth. Better to wait until tree is dormant.

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    Do you not think trimming off a small secondary shoot would be ok punkdoc?  I wouldn't be pruning any large branches this time of year but this sounds like a little tree.

  • Much appreciate the help, thanks again.

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