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Trying to find the best compost bin


I need a compost bin that can compost quiclky. I am a florist so i shred alot of my flower stems etc, I also have rabbits so i intend to place the rabbit hay,newspaper, droppings etc in the compost bin too.

I was thinking of a tumbler compost bin!!! I already a have a plastic bin but i canot get to it and its very awkward for me to empty.



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    The tumbling bin would seem to be the best option, the problem is as far as I understand; you have to load it all at once. Some of them have 2 chambers, which gives you 2 loading 'windows' timewise.  You have to fill it over a period of time I presume, and THEN start the tumbling.

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Oh, have just thought of the other option, similar price to tumbler is the 'hot' bin with very good insulation, I believe it makes compost faster. You could also google the 'joanna' bin.image

  • I have two compost bins which keep me well stocked with good compost, but ive got one problem with them, they are situated very close to a cycamore tree and once the bins are full, the roots from the tree invade my compost so that when I come to dig it out, its full of roots from the tree.

    Should i put something on the ground in the compost bin like a sheet of plastic

    or just leave it as it is?


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