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Blueberries - Questions

Afternoon all

So I bought some blueberry plants from a local Dobbies on Saturday, I have done a bit of research but was wondering if there was any advice that could be given for planting to ensure surivival through to the Spring. I have an ericaceous compost mixed with well rotted manure and some ericaceous feed (70% compost 30% manure). They will be planted in 30CM diameter terracotta pots and can be left in a sunny back garden or put into a garage if needed.

Any advice would be great


  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    30 cm pots will be ok for the winter and first Summer but in the second spring put them into larger pots. I have two in 75cm pots, but at 3 years old they now need repotting into something larger.
     Feed in spring with ericatious feed and mulch with pine needles or bark chippings. Never let the soil dry out in Summer and always use rain water - this keeps the soil acid. Blueberries are hardy so even some frost is not a problem. After several years, prune in winter, a gentle haircut is usually all that is required. Pick the berries when they adopt a white bloom. Place the plants 5 foot apart to aid cross pollination. Depending on species, Blueberries can reach 5 foot tall, less if grown in pots. They need full sun and shelter from strong winds. Freshly picked they taste delicious.

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Verdun, write out 100 times...I must not make terrible puns!

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Sorry!!!    image  Should have mentioned about netting for birds. Most important. Mineare in a fruit cage, so didn't think.

  • Lol. I have just bought a blueberry too. I think mine will just be food for birds.

  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    Dorset Blueberry Company says NO manure.   Check out their website for tips.

  • Jude97Jude97 Posts: 11

    On a related topic, why has most ericaceous soil turned sandy?  Really hard to keep moist as blueberries need.  I am now tempted to use normal compost and throw lost of seaweed feed on it.




  • IansyIansy Posts: 24

    Hi Mel, thanks for advice, exactly in line with what I had read.

    Watery - I hadn't heard not to use manure, I had some leftover horse manure (not super rotted but well on it's way) which I mixed in  to the compost, I wonder why you are not to use it..



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