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Care for bedding tulips after flowering

Do I need to de-head the seed head of tulips in the ground after flowering and then treat them like daffodils (pull up dead stems once they have died)


  • Yes.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Yes, and then it is a good idea to give them a feed while they boost for next year.  There are various bulb feed products out there, but any good general fertiliser will do the job.  I usually use seaweed fertiliser.  Having said all that, I am not conviced about tulips ability to perform a second year, unless they are the specie types.  I regard nearly all tulips as annuals, they are cheap enough now to do that - compare with a half way decent plant for example.  When autumn comes I just replant the area or pots I want with new bulbs, and if any of last years arrive as well, that is a lovely bonus.  I do have a very few that have come back year on year, but the vast majority do not.  Still, if you want them, feeding them will certainy improve their chances, and the daffodils etc. will surely appreciate the feed. 

  • DebbsDebbs Posts: 2

    Many thanks Lazygardener & Bookertoo.  Much appreciated.  I will de-head the tulips, wait to the stems look ready and pull up and will then give the beds a good feed.  

    Can I re-use the seed heads or are they actually dead?

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