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Greenhouse erection is up..but will it stay up??

Well - finally - my greenhouse is up.

I have a couple of questions however...

I tried to make my greenhouse as square/level as possible. The final aint square or level but its..close. The glass all fits ( bar a couple of sheets a few millimeters out but got them in ), everything works and looks..ok.

But, the sides do appear to bow out slightly...certainly a curve going on if you look down the guttering..definately bow/bend shape slightly. Also, the roof - the bar going across the roof..certainly isnt level..again..seems to bend..slightly.

Now, my granddads/dads greenhouse up for years literally were leaning at 45 degree angles!! not overly concerned..but would be interested to know...why isnt dead level/square/staight.

Surprised at how..loose..well..wobbly...i mean..just weak to touch the backend of the greenhouse is. All else appears solid enough but the backend does appear..unsupported lets say. That a common feature? Im not missing any pieces etc

Finally..the glass is in..but..i didnt look properly at the instructions and didnt place the butterfly clips in the correct spaces..aka 12mm in the corners of some panes etc..Now, i have tried to rectify this and re-did a few of the panes...but i cant reach one side of the greenhouse because its now too close to the garage etc..

How important are those the right spaces? I note..water already seems to be logged inbetween the roof panes ( where the two glass panes meet/overlap clips hold them ) well theres a ridge of water there. Even on the panes which are properly butterfly clipped in

Any reason for this?

Any any tool that can take out and put in those butterfly clips? because my fingertips are hurting right now!!


So ,theres 4 questions..that aside..happy its up and i cemented the base although i feel it kinda slides on the base if you push it ( well it did before all the glass was is only joined to the base via 12 small clips after all )..but feel i didnt do too bad a job. The spiders already seem to find it a nice place to call home!


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  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Any part of the greenhouse that is not absolutely square will put strain on the rest of it.  I am assuming it is a metal, aluminium framed one, not wood? (I ask this as wood is more forgiving)  Glass has no flexibility whatsoever so any slight strain will cause a crack or even a break in due course.  The end frame certainy should not be 'wobbly', either you have missed a cross bar or it really is very out of true and is struggling to stay erected.  The manufactureres tell you where the clips should be for a very good reason, that's where they need to be to hold the glass in stability. (Reminds me of the poster my son had as a child 'when all else fails read the instructions' !)  The bowing sides and unstraight roof bar does worry me, I am fearful that you or someone else will get a drop of glass upon them, it really sounds as if some of your stabilising bars are either not there at all, or are really unable to do their job.  I don't want to sound negative, a greenhouse is a thing of joy, and I would not be without mine, but I really do think you need to get this one very carefully looked at by someone who has expertise in the erection of outdoor structures, you need to be safe, and at this time it does not sound as safe as it should be. 

  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,592

    Sorry garjobo - but I agree 100% with Bookertoo.

    A greenhouse should be solid - nothing wobbly. It is one thing for some garden structures to be a bit wobbly, rustic or 'unique - quite another for a working environment made of glass to be unstable and possibly liable to collapse. How would you feel if a child was in there and a pane (or worse) fell on them?

    You really need a builder (or similar) to come and assess whether the structure is safe. Maybe your posting makes it sound worse than it is but my advice is to shut the door and windows (so a gust of wind can't get under and lift any glass) and don't let anyone in till it's been checked.

    I hope it's all ok as it sounds like you've done a lot of work - but a greenhouse crashing down on somebody's head isn't Tom & Jerry stuff - it could kill them.

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  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Thanks Bookertoo for your frank reply. Yes, i too dont like a structure to be bowing at the sides and on top..not a great sign.

    However, it is aluminum frame and it is toughened safety glass - still only 3mm thick however. I have no pieces left over, and although there are a few places with 'holes' in the aluminum strips I noticed but assuming thats just for..well i dont know what they would be for but certainly i think i did it all correct..everything fits and in it's right place.

    The base is level ( 99% at least and square..again was at least until i started putting up the structure ). Its cemented in etc.

    I never liked the 12 wee clips the structure is attached to the base with. It could slide around..and until most of the glass went in..i could easily slide it around. But seems..weighter now.

    Two panes of glass in the roof were in there was a larger gap when is in, and made secure. The only other thing was the door..a fact i totally blame the instructions..dreadful. But the door, although now in and slides/rolls etc   certainly was a good cm shorter..hence had to compensate slightly.

    How can i upload photos on here? Ive tried..and wont work. Would love to show you - to see if the supported are in the right places etc?

    Any thoughts? I isnt square period. It is ..slightly..out at the sides and on top. Not a massive amount..but im not being picky certainly bows. This is a 6ft x 10ft structure btw - again..with toughened glass.

    I will upload some photos tonight on youtube...and then send the link. Will get some close up shots. Opinions, thoughts..more than welcome.

    Thanks. In the meantime..any ideas perhaps on where i have gone wrong. Its an Eden greenhouse, purchased from Argos. £250 ish but then double that for the blasted glass ( better safe than sorry with kids around )


  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Topbird, just to mentioned..I have to say..the structure is solid..wouldnt say wobbly now at all...But always thought the back of the greenhouse cant think of the term...Light perhaps...not much too it.. the sides, front strong/solid..but the back ..well bare in mind there are 3 panes of glass on top of each other...nothing much going on re the back is there..whereas the sides have two panes and then then angle for the roof...the back is tall..and light with only 3 panes.

    Thats what i meant. Structure itself does..appear solid..but bowed at sides slightly ..if you look down the guttering you can see the bow..quite apparent actually..can only just see the other end of the gutter. And the roof is dipped slightly..again, hope to take photos.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,592

    If you're happy it's safe /not going to fall down or any panes of glass fall out - that's good and well done for tackling the job yourself. If you have any doubts, however, I really think you should get someone to check it - but it is your call.

    I'm afraid I have no technical knowledge why things haven't worked quite as expected but, if the base was square to start with, it sounds as though the greenhouse might not be. Presumably if one of the major bits of the frame is slightly twisted or not straight (I'm talking manufacturing defect here) then that could throw the whole structure.

    You probably already know this but in case you don't... I was told (when I bought my shed) that 'toughened' glass is not any stronger than regular horticultural glass (ie it will break under the same stress / blow etc). It is, however, safer than regular glass because it breaks into small bits rather than large shards and splinters (like a car windscreen).

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