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Where can I get Rabbit 'waste'?



  • Lorna95Lorna95 Posts: 436
    I have a rabbit, never heard of putting there poop in the compost. What about the stuff they pee on, can that go in the compost or not. Thanks for any info.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,735

    All of it, all their bedding, straw and poop - high in nitrogen, full of the stuff that activates the decomposition of your compost - fabulous stuff Lorna.  You'll have the best compost around! image

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  • Lorna - if you bed your rabbit on wood shavings you need to mix with green matter i.e weeks grass clippings etc to moisten - does take longer to compost than hay/straw but makes fab compost

  • Lorna95Lorna95 Posts: 436
    I wish I knew this years ago, I only have 1 rabbit now but I used to have 4 , but they have passed now. I've always thrown there waste and bedding away. Glad I know now. Thanks Dove image
  • Lorna95Lorna95 Posts: 436
    Thanks kim, I use wood shavings and hay. I so wish I knew this before. I have plenty on green waste so that will help greatimage
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