Rose hips

I have a beautiful rose which has large hips appearing.  It also has some dead rose blooms which I would normally dead head but now I am confused, do I leave them to become hips or do I dead head?  Would appreciate your thoughts, thank you.


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    Hi I made a rose hip syrup last year and used it to drizzle over puddings and ice cream . Does not take long to make and again you can use up your garden produce. You will find a recipe on google easily as I am on holiday and don't have the information at hand


    happy gardening

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,412

    The main purpose of dead-heading is to encourage repeat flowering roses to produce more blooms. 

    At this time of year that's unlikely to happen, so I would leave the hips on the bush to feed the birds in the winter image

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  • Dear Mulberry Badger. My wife (whose name is also Rose, by the way, but there the coincidence ends - she is not beautiful) also has large hips. Dead-heading her will be misunderstood, as I know from bitter experience. As for 'making syrup' - one shudders at what one suspects is a vulgaris euphemism. Best regards

  • Hi, Mr. Busch, I hope your wife doesn't read the Forum or she might be tempted to do some headheading of her own.  I laughed anyway.

    Think I will go with Doves advice and leave well alone.

    My husband has recently taken to making  our own icecream  so perhaps I will try the syrup too.

    Thank you all.


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