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Hydrangea petiolaris

I have a hydrangea petiolaris which has been in a pot for about 6 years on a north facing wall.  From the main thick 'stem' there are 4 branches which have grown to about 8 feet and are peeling beautifully.  There are flowers but obviously not as many as if it was buried in the ground. Although regularly fed I want to change the soil in the pot and will need to prune the branches in order to move it - unless I smash the pot, which is a bit drastic.   I've read of the problems this will cause the plant but wonder if anyone has taken drastic measures with this plant in a pot and what was the result.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.


  • Fantastic plantimage I don't think you'll have any trouble planting it out, if you can get it out of the potimage good luck Ever-hopefull well worth doing.

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