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poorly plum tree

HI had this plum tree almost 2 years it was a wedding present for my daughter and her husband..Its a Victoria  and its on my allotment as they have a back yard but no garden. sadly it's not looking too good the leaves are yellowing and there's no sign of any plums. Any advise please.


 I did give it a seaweed feed a couple of weeks ago but it's not perked upimage


 there are some potatoes planted close by could that be the problem?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    If it's a young tree it needs clear space around its roots to establish and grow. How close are your potatoes? There should be at least a yard empty all around the tree.

  • AlieshAliesh Posts: 179

    Thanks for your reply there is just about a yard round base of tree, when potatoes are ready i will keep it clear.

  • I have had a 2 variety plum tre  for over 4 years and as yet no blossom, let alone plums!!  margaret jinks [email protected]

  • Me too.  Three years, plenty of space around it - neither blossom nor plums yet image

  • That looks to be interveinal chlorosis, normaly caused by an iron or magnesium deficiancy. Try giveing it a dose of sequestrine go for one which has magnesium, manganease and iron if possable (or you will need epsom salts as well if it is magnesium).

    If you are not an organic gardener you could consider a bit of Vitax Q4 as it is a superb feed, in particular for roots and flowering (5.2-7.5-10 NPK) with all the trace elements

    Seaweed, has a slightly overgrown reputation in my eyes as a feed, although it is organic (and the easiest way to add trace elements in an organic system).

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