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Raising the lawn level

Hi - I am after some advice please....

I would like to know what the best product/method is to raise the level of my lawn, as we have recently had new paving put down and the level of the lawn in some areas is below the paving and we would like the turf to be flush with the paving, if that makes sense?

Any advice appreciated - thanks


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,592

    How much are you planning to raise the lawn   level  ?

    Anything up to an inch you can do by topdressing with a peat and sand 50/50 mix. Brush it on top of the lawn , water in, let it grow and repeat.

    If you're thinking 3 to 4 inch or more then you would need to lift the turf, level and then returf or reseed.

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