i have a small hellebore that has just popped up.  it is in the wrong place and i would like to move it.  is now a good idea.

i live in Kent so at the moment weather is quite mild.  i don`t want to kill it.  




  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,199

    Hellebores make their new roots as the temperatures drop, so now is the best time of all to move them.

  • thank you Berghill and Verdun your help is much appreciated. image



  • hellebores do not come true from seed, and they self seed prolifically if they like your garden.  I tend to pot up any that I think may be worthwhile and then sink the pots into the garden.  That way I can wait to see what colour they are when they flower, and move them easily to other places, or give them away if the colour is not to my taste.

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