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Talkback: No angels on Peckham Rye

I have 8 foot fences sourrounding my garden - we have hedgehogs visiting and found a young one just the other night! The only way in is to climb over the fences.


  • Thanks Jan I am encouraged - I will try some hedgehog food to entice them up the bank now that I know they will climb.
  • Reply to Jane P. Hedgehogs are reported to be good climbers, but we don't get them in East Dulwich so I've never had the pleasure of seeing them scale anything. The last one I saw alive was up in Camberwell nearly 20 years ago. Incidentally, if you find one in the street and want to move it beware of the fleas. Many years ago when I lived in Willesden in North London I found one surrounded by a posse of interested cats. Thinking I would rescue it and release it in a nearby park I picked it up and carried it home. All the way, and up into the flat I watched the fleas hop off onto my hand,and skip down my arm. There were dozens of them.
  • Today i have had such an array of birds feeding in my garden , i live in Worsley Manchester. The Blue tits were searching out the bird boxes ,Gold Finches , a Chaffinch, Wren , Dunnock, Coal tits ,Sparrows, Blackbirds ,a pair of Magpie,s , and of course Starlings.It was like a spring morning . 2 pairs of Gold Finches and 2 pairs of Green Finches are new to the garden this year , lets hope i can keep them . I feed them every day and they love the sunflower hearts.
  • Would anyone know if hedgehogs will climb up a steep ivytangled bank (about 8ft high) to get into my terraced garden to find the hedgehog hide I have made every year in the hopes of one staying overwinter and eating slugs next year? My small garden is surrounded by other gardens, with lots of vegetation and trees, and we are close to wild woods - but all going down steeply from the terraced house gardens at the back. Am I hoping in vain? Thankyou very much for any ideas.
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