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Gardeners World Live 2013

Hi folks

did anyone go to GARDENERS WORLD LIVE at the NEC over the last few days?

and what did you think?


  • jimbob369jimbob369 Posts: 1

    Very dissapointed, I have been six times in the past ten years and it has slowly gone down hill each time, but I never thought it would get to be this bad.

    One hall half full of mobile homes and over priced fancy sheds is not my idea of a garden show. 



  • I think you will probably find that most shows/exhibitions in a wide range of industries are shrinking rapidly. It is a sign of the times.  Unfortunately, all it takes is one really bad year (which might have been this year for GWL) and visitors lose interest, exhibitors decide it no longer pays, and the whole thing spirals down the plug hole at a very alarming rate. 


  • How come no TV coverage, or have I missed it somehow? After a whole week of Chelsea you'd think the Beeb could spare half an hour for GWL.

  • Does anyone know why BBC2 Gardeners World has not mentioned Gardeners World Live.

    It's covered Malvern, Chelsea but not GWL, not even a mention for things to do at the weekend. It's always covered it the past, anyone got any ideas

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