Angry Birds

Last year, I had probs with birds eating my beet tops and salads, so ended up netting which resolved the problem to an extent.  I have just come in from my morning peruse and cannot believe what I saw...the birds are systematically jumping on the netting (as if it's a trampoline) to push it down the bamboo cane so that they can get to the spoils.  No one believes me that it is birds spoiling my salad not snails and slugs.  I think next year I have to build a proper netted frame over each bed.


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    It's been a lousy spring and food is scarce.  My garden visitors are currently on double rations per day for seeds and fat balls.   Heaven knows what they're doing to find grubs and insects for their young who need moist food.

    I leave my cabbges and salads uncovered so they can get any caterpillars as I don't spray.  I don't get wrecked veggies but then I only have collared doves and no pigeons in teh mix.

    Try feeding yours and yes, build a sturdier frame and tighter net for you veggies and salads that will keep off butterflies and birds and won't risk trapping them in loose net folds.

    The Vendée, France
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    Please don't think I am against their visits to my garden, the veg plot is in my main garden, which is full of goodies, every day i "spill" some chicken grain outside the run just for the purpose that they will leave the veggies, but the darling starlings are still not happy they like their fresh 5 a day

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    Hi Lesinnl, I have some stroppy wood pigeons in my garden.  I got fed up with them sitting on the bird table and basically scoffing all the food so I put an upturned wire hanging basket on top of the table. This worked and still allowed birds upto blackbird size to get at the food although jackdaws can hang on and get at some of it.  The pidgeons sit on top of the upturned basket and go absolutely spare when the smaller birds get at the food, they peck at the basket and look most indignant image. I love feeding the birds and the pigeons get their fair share of the food that gets dropped onto the floor but its quite funny to watch them.

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    Hi -I have seen others with the same problem build a scarecrow and it remedied the problem-might be worth a try ? image

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    Paula H what a good idea, I've had to stop putting seed mixes on my bird table because the pigeons get there and eat the lot. I do have sunflower hearts for the goldfinch and chaffinches and blue tits and fat balls in cages for the many starling who come several times a day.

    I agree with Obelixx food for the young is scarce and I've been putting out extra fat blocks and balls and up until last week the adults were feeding the young right there in my garden, what a lovely sight to see.

    Lesinnl your post made me laught, to think of the birds bouncing up and down on your nets although I know it's not funny for you. Hope you get something sorted.

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