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Plant ID... succulent?

i took a cutting off my mother last year, was tiny.... now getting big

in my kitchen so gets seen all the time and thus turned and bit of water a week.

like to know what it is to know what its going to turn out like later



not sure why the site turned the image 



  • Looks like a kalanchoe to me too, ours is ridiculously leggy and looks ridiculous. I am considering putting it in a hanging basket!

  • That's my issue Jo, they are all pretty when you buy them and then they just go nuts. We have one at work, it is basically just woody tentacles!

  • Yes I Think my mum's flowered, but I don't remember the plant being of much size. 

    Mine is becoming a bit of a beast and the extra branches also have roots appearing. 

    Unsure if I should just leave it or try and do something with it


  • Ah Grasshopper, the eternal gardeners's dilemma... image

  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,126

    If you take a bit off the top, it should produce side shoots. It is kalanchoe.

  • It has 2 side shoots take top of it will look a bit weird.  I can easily take the side shoots of but then a bit bare. 

    I think best to leave and try to make flower.  Reading says give 14 his of darkness for 6 weeks. Well it has full light depending on season. And now almost winter so has less light.  But maybe I'll do the cupboard trick around 3pm every day then bring out in the morning.  Get to flower for xmas

  • I'll Leave the sides pinch top and in cupboard in afternoon to try force flower

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