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Discouraging Wasps



  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    He was eating a chicken sandwich at the time.image

    I know people do have problems with wasps (I've read your own tale of woe Dove...or tale of ouch) but there are few things funnier than a lone person, at a bus stop or walking along......doing "the wasp dance"!!!! image image I really am very unpleasant! image

  • TopsoiledTopsoiled Posts: 113

    Bear in mind wasps become a real problem towards the end of the summer when their work is done in the nest and they basically go out causing trouble. Using a trap filled with fruit juice etc probably isn't a bad way to go! 

  • arneilarneil Posts: 225

    I use the waspinator and it certainly keeps them away from that area , but then they congregate where I haven't got one , they were expensive so only got two , but I have got three years of use from them

  • I've hardly seen any wasps here ( West Somerset ) this year.  The odd one or two coming for the fallen apples but that is about it.

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    Arneil QVC 2 for £9.95 plus p&p. If they work for you it's worth it.

  • Our laurel hedge was alive with wasps every summer, and then I discovered the waspinator.  The wasps certainly came, and they left just as quickly and didn't return.  It certainly worked for us, so it might be worth a try. If you google waspinator, you'll find all the information - just put it out before the wasps usually arrive and fill it with thin bin bags, I wouldn't bother with a balloon, it just deflates in no time.  Hope it works for you if you get one.  I've also found that it needs to be fairly visible to the wasps - don't let too much foliage obscure it. 

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