The conservatory in pots, the large plastic greenhouse in grow bags, or in hanging baskets I am very undecided this year where and in what do people have sucess with tomatoes thank you


  • Greg2Greg2 Posts: 12

    Why not try all three? That way you can compare and see what comes good.image

  • GirlyfoxGirlyfox Posts: 51

    thats a great idea I will let people know how I get on last years grow bags on the patio were not that good so they are getting more attention this year thank you.image

  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    Ive gone with hanging basket, grow bag and a large pot,all outside now although started inside in all cases.

    Baskets and large pot have small green fruit on at the moment.  Grow bags are flowering.

  • GirlyfoxGirlyfox Posts: 51

    Thankyou this is very encouraging indeed i have flowers on a few of them and also a few strawberry plants doing well at the moment

  • GirlyfoxGirlyfox Posts: 51

    my tomatos in the greenhouse are very tall in growbags and pots some with green toms on the cucumbers in the conservotory are enormous with flowers on we have been feeding once a week and lettuces are cut and cut and keep growing things are begining to take off some pepper plants are slow in the greenhouse but there are chillis on the chilli plants aurbugines have flowers and peas are getting taller

  • TiaCTiaC Posts: 1

    I am new to growing tomatoes and have 3 plants growing in the soil in a very sunny spot. They are  growing well but there are lots of stems growing in different directions. What should I do? Cut all but the main stalks off? They have flowers and I see early signs of fruit. Thanks

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,704

    Hi TiaC - do you know what sort of tomatoes you have - did they come with a  variety name, or are they called 'Bush type' or anything like that?

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