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Which climber?

Denno666Denno666 Posts: 109

Does anyone have any suggestions for climbers to grow up what my mum likes to think of as a piece of modern sculpture (in reality something that came off our chimney and that has, for some reason, not been got rid of)? I presume the soil will be acidic to some extent as we had rhododendrons growing very nearby; I think it is clay soil although the two laurels that used to be nearby have probably taken a lot out of the ground (they have been chopped down but I am still in the long process of trying to locate and get rid of the roots). 


(Before I cut some things down and planted others)








  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,052

    Hi Denno image

    Are you planning to put some chicken wire or something around the 'sculpture' to give a climber something to clamber up?

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,636

    I suspect it's too short and smooth to support most climbers like clematis or honeysuckle or roses but variegated ivy would be OK if given a chicken wire support as Dove suggests.  

    Alternatively, it would look great surrounded by taller perennials, maybe rudbeckias and helianthus with black cones at the centre to pick up the column colour.   They die down for winter so maybe some spring daffs to extend the season.

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  • Denno666Denno666 Posts: 109

    Thank u both - I'd thought a bit about ivy, which I guess would be good at camouflaging it a bit but hadn't thought about surrounding it with tall perennials. Maybe something whispy that would have some movement and break up the outline? 

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