Tomato mosaic virus

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Some of you may remember that 2 years ago I first suffered an outbreak of tomato mosaic virus in my greenhouse, identified as such by members and online research.    Members were very helpful and gave advice, basically there was nothing we could do. Sadly the same virus came back the following year and decimated my tomato crop very badly again, with plants hardly setting tomatoes and leaves turning crispy brown and dying off.

Well, I have some news to report this year in that my husband and I spent the winter cleaning out the greenhouse, disinfecting everything possible with Jeyes fluid.  This included woodwork, windows, window panes, doors, flooring and staging, anything and everything wipeable.  We cleaned out the underfloor water tank and disinfected and scrubbed it for ages.  We washed and disinfected all the pots, canes, trays etc., and threw away what we could not clean.  We dug out all the soil in the greenhouse and brought in new soil.  We sprayed olive trees and the vine in there with a mixture of water and milk (read about this on the internet) and basically did all we could in what is a very large, double old Victorian greenhouse.

Now for the good news (fingers crossed everybody) so far this year the tomato plants have shown no sign of the disease and are indeed setting fruit.  In fact they look very healthy, as do the other plants which were affected last year.  I'm hoping this will continue - i'll post an update if it doesn't.

Just wanted to share this with you as it may help someone one day.  We believe the tomato mosaic virus was tobacco related and no smoking has been allowed anywhere near the greenhouse this year and only myself - a non-smoker - is allowed to tend to the tomatoes.

Any comments would be most welcome.


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    Good greenhouse hygiene should be followed regardless. You wouldn't eat food from a dirty kitchen, so why would you grow food in a dirty greenhouse. It should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

    The local school has a greenhouse and the pupils grow various flowers/veg. It annoys me every time I pass, to see the filth that no one thinks too clear.

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