Kiwi Jenny - mislabeled plant?

LarsLars Posts: 1


I have had a Kiwi (bought and labelled as Jenny) for about 4 years. It grows on a south-facing brick wall in London and produces masses of flowers : all male and thus the plant  produces no fruit. It is flowering again now : same thing.

Unfortunately I can't find out much about Kiwi Jenny on the internet. Is Kiwi Jenny Androdioecious (i.e. it should produce, both female and male flowers on the same plant) or Androgynous (i.e. flowers have male and female organs). In the former case, this could be a cultural issue (but the plant may still be mislabeled), in the latter the plant was obviously missold.Does anybody know what to expect from Kiwi Jenny?

I really like kiwi fruit and would like to fix this. I could just buy a female plant, but the question is then which one to get. The requirement would be to flower at the same time. Also, I don't have a lot of space and would just need to plant the female plant alongside the male one.

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated




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