Cucumber problems

Hello I need some advice please

I have got a cucumber plant about 8 inches tall in the greenhouse and it looks like the stem is going bad, it has a powdery substance on it - does anyone know what I can do to stop it  - or is there not a cure.  Also will it affect the other plants in the greenhouse? 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,357

    Hi Yvonne, cucumbers are extremely prone to stem-rot and if it is that, it will soon keel-over and die.  You can lessen the chances of this happening if you make a small mound and plant the cucumber on top, as well as being very careful not to water directly on or near the stem.  It's best to err on the dry side with young cucumbers and only water when they really need it.  If it does die, remove all parts of the plant including roots to prevent any fungal spores from spreading around the greenhouse.

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  • Thank you Bob it does look like the stem is rotting - shame but I will plant some more on top of a mound.

  • KEFKEF Posts: 8,915

    Sound advice from Bob. I mound a bit of soil around the base of mine and don't get it wet. They are in buckets in the greenhouse, they've now got small cumbers on but I'm  still being careful not to overwater. Because they have a small old greenhouse to themselves I water the floor and keep it warm and humid. It's good for a facial steam image I was always told that tomatoes and cumbers didn't grow well together, and I do find, if you can, it's better to grow them apart.

    I'm sure you'll still get some cumbers at GC or garden centre places. I think homegrown  cucumber is so lovely compaired to bought. Good luck.

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    I cut the bottom off a small pot and plant cues in this pot which can then, either, be planted into a bed in the GH or a larger pot. You then water the bed or larger pot. There's no need to water round the stem as the plant takes water through it's roots which helps prevent stem rot.

    Watering the floor also helps to keep things warm and humid , I water a gravel path and spray the glass with a hose but keeping a watering can full in there would add moisture to the air and can be used to water plants at the end of the day before being refilled for the following day.  

  • Janet

    I have a good crop of cucmbers on the lower part of my 4 plants in the green house but young cucumbers forming higher up on the plant seem to be going yellow and dying any advice would be welcome.

  • KEFKEF Posts: 8,915

    When this has happened to me it's been because I haven't removed cumbers that are ready. I think that they don't keep producing if big fruits stay on the plant.

  • Helllo KEF - thank you for your advice I will take off all ripe cucmbers and hopefully this will cure the problem.

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