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Hello friends,

I have recently obtained a beautiful indoor cactus, it is a few years old and about 12 inches tall. The cactus's roots are emerging from the drainage holes in the pot it came with and the plant appears to be in need of a move to a larger pot. However with it being October and the UK experiencing short (and declining) periods of sunshine at the moment I'm not sure if this is a good time to repot? Is it better to wait until spring?

I am very new to cacti and any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    best time to repot is in spring (about mid April time) give it a good water and liquid feed at the start of April to get it prepped and then transplant into a slightly lager pot of sandy soil/compost mix ready for the growth spurt they put on over summer.

  • Thanks for the helpful reply treehuger image is there anything I should do with/ about the roots growing through the drainage holes in the pot?

  • You can repot cacti at any time of year, which will solve the problem with the roots. It is recommended not to water cacti for a few days after repoting to avoid rotting of any damaged roots. although I doubt if there is really much danger.

    Also, don't water in autumn and winter. This dormant period will stimulate them into flowering in spring.


    The following site may be of interest: 

  • Much obliged, thank you Alan!

  • AngelAngel Posts: 57

    I have white at the top of one of my cacti. Can anyone help me with this problem. My other cacti are not affected. I would be grateful for any advice.

  • Do you have a photo? It could be mealy bug.

  • AngelAngel Posts: 57

    Sorry I haven't but at least you have given me an idea of what it could be. 

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