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neighbours evergreen

A large chunk of my garden is overshadowed by a neighbours very large evergreen trees. It not a particularly sunny garden to begin with but im losing an extra cpuple of hours sunlight just due to the large trees. 


They grow at an angle, almost totally over my patch of land. Now this is a small community and I dont want to get on the wrong side of my neighbours and I think cutting enough of it back to get my garden back will most likley kill the tree. 


Where do I stand on this? Is my neighbour responsible for the tree?? Am I likley to gein trouble for killing their trees?




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,661

    Ok. I speak as the owner of a large tree.

    Has it got a preservation order or do you live in a conservation zone.?

    If so then you touch it at the risk of a £20,000 fine.

    If not, I suggest you talk to the owner. If there is no preservation or conservation zone order., you can cut it back to the boundary, but the owner of the tree still owns the cuttings and thus you throw them back to  the owner.

    Our oak tree is 150 years old. It was here 100 years before my house, and longer than that before the new houses up my boundary. I know that the neighbours do not like the fact that it shades their small garden.  I take the view that if they don't like it, then they shouldn't have bought a house with a huge Oak on the southern boundary.  The preservation order should have shown up in the searches done before purchase.

    Its a bit like moving next to a church and then objecting to the bells on Sundays.

  • We are not takling historical oaks here, just cheap nasty fast growing  evergreen  trees, they are ugly as hell and hang around 20 feet over my garden. The plot was vacant for more than 10 years, hence why it was never looked at before. I will try get a picture up if I can. It would be a shame to not get it cleared, especially after the work put in to clear the rubble.

  • Right, hopefullymyou can get the gist of it from the pictures, the trees concerned are om the right of the pictures  







  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,661

    If they're Leylandii then I would cut back to boundary. If you cut into the brown wood then it will not regrow. They will still go up though.  Your neighbour might not like them either.  If you talk to him then maybe you could go half each on the cost of a tree surgeon to remove them , and then you could put something nice in their place.

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