Hi,  anyone out there know of a good alternative / replacement for the old favourite  "Bromophos"


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,085

    Bromophos . nasty stuff banned since 2003.  Organophosphate pesticide similar to malathion.

    I suggest you try the garden centre shelves. Depends on what or who you are trying to kill.

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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,348

    If the problem is cabbage root fly (for which bromophos was usually recommended), the methods now recommended are root collars (which you can make yourself) and/or covering the brassicas with enviromesh, which is what I prefer as it prevents cabbage root fly, cabbage white butterfly and the biggest pest (literally) in my area, bloomin great big fat woodpigeons!

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  • EVMcCEVMcC Posts: 1

    To prevent cabbage root fly I always use a product that I bought in France called "Insecticide du sol vers gris"

    It was not cheap (about £10 for a 600gm tub) but is intended to treat 200 which in reality is enough for thousands of cabbages for many years.

    It is sold by Algoflash which has a web-site at

  • BerghillBerghill Posts: 2,805

    The active ingredient is Cypermethrine which is a pyrethroid and thus toxic to Bees, Fish and Cats.

  • ColinAColinA Posts: 162

    Last year I tried an old trick, on one row of brussel sprouts I mixed soot with water to make a paste and dipped the roots in before planting on all other Brassicas I put well weathered dry soot around the neck of the plants.It seemed to result in very little root fly damage

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