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Talkback: Drying onions

I usually lay the harvested garlic & onions over the lower shelf of my greenhouse staging until nicely dry. This works very well


  • I wish to know why my parsnips, though a nice size and weight are scabby,rather than the nice smooth appearance that appears on the label.
  • I also lifted my onions in august and dried off in the sun when dry and in the greenhouse when the wheather was wet,I thought I had saved them for storage but suddenly went soft and lost the lot.Could anybody say why?
  • Last year here in Oz we lost some of our onion crop due to six weeks of wet weather (lost 3 acres of spuds due to rot) and this onions years is almost ready to lift - I'm doing some online research today to find out if there were any old fashioned methods - not much info about so thanks Jane - our experience seems to indicate you get them out when most of the tops have fallen over and dry them as quickly as you can.
  • Gregorio - how did you store them?

    I suggest leaving the tops on after drying and hang up in a shed or garage.
  • Sort by size, small, medium and large. Store each group in old (or cheap new) tights or stockings tying a tight knot between each, hang up in shed or cool dry place, cut of one at a time, the size you need, from the bottom.
  • HELP
    A lovely healthy crop of beetroot planted between onions and carrots is having the top of each beetroot root 'grawed' around the shoulder. No similar problems anywhere else in the veg garden and carrots are fine, no sign of carrot fly. No slug slim trails around the beetroot either.
    Anybody suggest who the culprit is?
  • I would say either Mice or Rats, I have had the same problem
  • I lost all my onions early in the season due to the ground becoming waterlogged.

    I have heavy clay soil and although I improved the soil it was still very wet.

    Will use raised beds next season.

    Wish me luck.
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