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My cucumbers are in the greenhouse and have got their third set of true leaves but are long and spinderly and just haven't done anything for about 3 weeks, should I give up and buy some.





  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Still to young to start producing fruit and sound like their too hot or not enough light...or both. Pot them on into their final 10L pots, if you haven't already. Push a cane into the pot or make a frame with net and tie in. 

    Image taken last week.




     I have also shaded the opposite side of the roof to provide cover from the sun 11am-3pm, otherwise the miniature fruit burn off.

    Taken yesterday night.




    Oh, and when uploading your pictures clik save regardless of that picture tile that appears - the image will be on the post. Not enlarging but, hey ho !!

    They will do !

  • RanunculusRanunculus Posts: 33

    I have sown cucmbers for the first time this year and they seem to be very slow, although everyone tells me they'll go bonkers.  Mine have just got their third true leaves too, but are quite compact.  I'll persevere and see what happens.

    They actually looked like they were dying in the heat yesterday!

  • RanunculusRanunculus Posts: 33


    I have mine outdoors in a very sheltered spot after starting them in the house/greenhouse.

  • RanunculusRanunculus Posts: 33


    When did you sow yours?

  • muddy maremuddy mare Posts: 106

    had my first cucumber yesterday imagemine are in the greenhouse in pots out of bright sun light and kept with floor moist when its hot to make a nice atmosphere feeding weekly with tomato or comphrey dont worry they will be fine

  • RanunculusRanunculus Posts: 33

    Thanx muddy mare - do I feed them now or once the flowers start?  If it doesn't work this year I'll try again.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Katiejane, my cumbers are in their final pots like Marshmellows and I'm treating them just as muddy mare has said. I've also had a few mini cucumbers off.

    Cucumber plants do grow long and spindley, and will need canes to grow up and will need tying in.

    Mine were very slow to get going this year and after putting in final buckets needed no attention for over a week.

    I am finding that just now they still aren't needing much water. Don't over water and keep water away from base of plant, mound up a bit of compost at base and leave it dry, water around edge of pot. I find that if you over water they can go limp & sulk until they dry out. Feel the weight of the plantpot, the cucumber will weigh little, if it's heavy it's too wet.

    As MM says they don't like direct sunlight..but they love warmth & humidity, If you aren't there in the day to water the floor leave a dish of water and a watering can in with them.

    Don't feed until you have small cucumbers on the plants, a bit bigger than on MM's picture, then only once a week with tomato food. Good luck, they taste wonderful.,

  • RanunculusRanunculus Posts: 33

    Bl**dy snails!!!  Eaten two of my four plants - extra protection needed urgently.


    I'll have to raise them off the ground if it keeps happening.

    Is it too late to sow more seeds?

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Not sure when I sowed them. I reckon it could be too late more.


  • RanunculusRanunculus Posts: 33

    Tried with cucumbers again, but not from seed. Think maybe I should've kept them inside till they flowered. Third time lucky next year. 

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