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Clematis Fireworks Cuttings

Hi, I'm hoping someone out there can help with this one!

We have a clematis (clematis fireworks) that we rescued from almost dead a few years back, and it is now flourishing with an abundant mass of the most beautiful mauve flowers. However we're considering moving next year and want to take cuttings to take it with us (as we're now quite attached to it due to the effort we've put in!).

Does anyone know how and when to take cuttings from a clematis such as this?

Hope someone can help!


  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    This is from a GW magazine - June 1999 and have found it works for me 
    Now -June- is the perfect time to take cuttings as the plants will have plenty of leafy new growth 
    A few weeks after they are taken the cuttings will have begun to form their new roots and can be potted up individually and then grown on in a cool place 

    1.  Select a healthy shoot of current seasons growth. The number of leaf pairs will determine the no. of cuttings 

    2.  Use sharp knife and cut them just above every pair of leaves, being careful not to damage any new buds 

    3.  Remove one of the leaves from each cutting. This will avoid too much moisture loss and avoid the cuttings being overcrowded 

    4.  Dip the base of the cuttings in rooting powder. Fill a pot with free draining compost and insert the cuttings around the edge, so they do not touch 

    5.  Give the pot a thorough watering using a fine rose. Then place the cuttings in a plastic bag or a propagator. Bottom heat will speed up rooting. 

    6,  Rooting will take several weeks. the leaves beginning to perk up is a sign that this has occurred. To check on progress you can gently remove the compost ball from the pot 

    7  Once the cuttings have rooted, fill 3ins pot with multi purpose compost. Pot up the cuttings individually, making a good size hole for the roots before firming in 

    8.  Water the cuttings well, and grow them on in a cool place, such as a cold frame. By the following spring they will have made good size plants and can be planted outside

    Put 3 small sticks in pot to keep bag off foliage

  • TommyKTommyK Posts: 2

    Thanks Matty2, that's great advice. I'll give it a go when I see significant growth (other than the mass of flowers it currently has!)

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    Should be plenty don't leave it too long though.

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