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Bolting onions....

I've a bed of red and white onions, some have started to produce flower stems so I took off the heads,  the bulbs aren't very big and the plants are beginning to bolt.

I've also a pot of leeks with no home at present, they are healthy looking and some about half the thickness of pencilsimage.

To cut to the chase, should I pull up half the onions which may not produce a very good crop and take my chances with leeks or will the onions be ok and produce the dreamed of big bulbs...  

Advise welcome...image


  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    minute onions bolt it's the end for storing them at all. The flower spike is integral to the bulb so you end up with 'bull necks' which mean it allows easy access to fungus if you try and store them. Start using them as salad onions if they are mild enough or use in casseroles etc. My autumn onions got hammered, loads died so I shifted them all to one bed. I saw in home bargains some stuttgarter for a pound and bunged them in the free bed, several already bolting, goes to show, put them in the right time or it's disappointment. If they have bolted start using them, then stick in your leeks.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Thaks for your reply BB.

    I've had some good crops of onions in the past but there are times when you need someone to say 'you're flogging a dead horse' so I'll throw in the towel and start pulling them this weekend. Leeks can go in and I've sown some winter veg which can take their place.

    It's no huge loss and I like strong onions, the one's which make your eye's water whether in a salad, buttie or cooked dish.   

    I've mooli growing in a raised bed close to the onions and they're beginning to bolt but the roots have bulked out to the size of carrots and ready for pickingimage.     

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