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What do I do with my cuttings?

I took some cuttings a couple of months ago from my hydrangea, honeysuckle and Fuchsia. Most of them have taken and I'm not sure what to do with them over winter? So far they have been on my kitchen windowsill, in the same pots I potted them in. Do I keep them there until spring? Should I move them into individual pots? Acclimatise them?




  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,457

    Congratulations that they've taken, that's the first step! image

    Do you have a cold frame?  Conservatory?  Cooler back bedroom windowsill?  What I do next is to split them into their own compost and pot and start to cool them off but keep them frost free.  Don't let them dry out but also don't actively water, ideal is to keep them cool and moist until Spring and let them put down roots into their own pot.

    In Spring, you might then pot them on into a larger pot as they start to actively grow or let them fill their own pot with roots if they haven't been that vigorous over winter.  You start to water actively in Spring to bring them on.  

    If they've been in your back bedroom then move them outside to a frost free place and back under cover at night.  About May/June depending where you live, plant them out and water thoroughly but then leave to let them go looking for water as they dry out.  Don't let them dry out obviously but also don't "baby" them with water, make them settle in. 

    These are the principles I use, hope they're helpful.

  • Great, thanks guys, great advice. Yes, Fuchsia is hardy, and I have been putting them out throughout the day. We have a cold back room so will pot them up into their own pots and do as you say, keep them moist over winter.

    Thanks so much, great help!


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