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Gardeners World Live tomorrow

And I can't wait! It's the first garden show I've managed to get to this year and I'm ready for some serious shopping! 

Anyone been so far this week?


  • I was really disappointed at the live show this year.  This was the 4th year I've been and went on Wednesday.  The RHS Marquee did not have the volume of exhibitors as in previous years nor did the main hall.  The displays were beautiful. The plant sale area outside was different but even counting the number of providers selling plants, there was still a short fall.  I did wonder if it was due to the poor weather but Chelsea had many exhibitors. Discussing with a stall holder I gather the cost to exhibitors has become expensive, which is a real pity because it has been a very difficult few months for growers and they need all the support they can get.  Based on this year's evidence, I don't know if I will go again.

  • gab82gab82 Posts: 73

    Please keep keep us updated how you got on lindsay......I'm going sunday can't wait! imageimage

  • SavvyGalSavvyGal Posts: 2

    I attended GW on Thursday - and in full agreement with ever hopefuls comments.   It really seemed half the GW of old I used to know (this is my 4th visit, last one 5 yrs ago!).  Lack of volume of suppliers and nurseries attending (heard mutterings by a few stall holders that they wouldn't be attending again .. they felt that BBC were not promoting as fully as they used to.   (something I noted last when Monty didn't mention his attendance at the end of his show last week).  Fewer Plant stall holders outside (and those that were there all seemed to be selling the exact same plants - Ladybird Poppies seem to be in vogue - but I couldn't source a particular poppy I was after... no variety in plants .. all selling the same - too much duplication.  That said the show gardens were amazing .. and loved the Bham City Council Chelsea exhibit...  so those of you still to go .. you will enjoy your day.. but its not the same GW we have enjoyed over the years!

    Sadly I wont be rushing back - think I'll get my fix from The Yellow book and Tatton/Shrewsbury shows.  image

  • SavvyGalSavvyGal Posts: 2

    ps .. why can't I upload my own image??     have tried several times.. and it wont accept .. (then again .. by the looks of it .. no one else has had any success yet either )... bbc IT Department ... HELP!!!!


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    Im glad I didnt go. Mind you, I was dissappointed with last years show and decided then not to go again. i wonder why it wasnt featured on tonights Gardeners World programme?

     Picture insertions are working for me.

  • SavvyGal wrote (see)

    ps .. why can't I upload my own image??     have tried several times.. and it wont accept .. (then again .. by the looks of it .. no one else has had any success yet either )... bbc IT Department ... HELP!!!!


    Are you talking about your avatar?-that bit does not seem to be working

    Just a point though-this site is not run by the BBCimage

  • Photo uploads - I find I have to resize mine to make them smaller - generally 800x600 pixels uploads quickly. I use a little invaluable free program called Irfanview which is a really simple graphic editor

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    Feedback on Gardeners World Live was that I was a bit disappointed.  It's my first time and I suppose I was comparing it to Tatton Park, but it was lacking in plant specialists (e.g. a fair few nurseries selling all sorts of plants but far fewer which focussed on their speciality). 

    In addition I was hoping to buy lots of accessories, maybe a new bird box, a garden mirror, some wall art, a garden mirror, and there was very little choice in this area.

    We arrived at 9.30, had a coffee break and a lunch, got round the Good Food show next door and were still gone by 4.15. 

    We also went to Carol Klein's stage presentation, which was a little odd.  I was hoping for some gems of gardening advice on particular plants, but it was really a slide show of her garden, which I see every week on GW.

    What was brilliant, was the plant nursery, where you could make a donation to the Guide Dogs and get all your shopping delivered to a pick up point where you could take your car.  Fantastic service and a great cause - very impressed with this.

    Final gripe - they sent me a survey afterwards where I thought I could give my feedback - they want to know what car you drive, what newspaper you read, how many holidays you take, where you shop - clearly just a ploy to get your information to sell on.

    Very disappointing, will be sticking with RHS shows next year.

  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,449

    Sorry it wasnt as good as expected. I really dont think I'll be going again to a GW Live show, they do seem to be a bit of a let down lately dont they.

    The one in 2009 was quite good and I ended up coming home with a new greenhouse! But last years was poor, even the GF Show was bad. Seems they are really going down hill.

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