Pruning Cherry Tree

I have a cheery tree in my garden which does very well with minimnal input from me (ideal in my book). However, I cannot allow it to get any higher than it is - it's about 3 metres. What is the best way to limit it's height without damaging it. Presumably it's not as simple as cutting the top off.... is it?


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    Cherry tree even (not cheery!)

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    This is what I would do - others may differ!  Identify the leader (usually the highest vertically growing branch in the centre) and cut it back to the height you want, right above a weak-looking side shoot.  You want to do any pruning in early to mid summer as the tree will heal fastest at these times of the year and doing it at other times will invite nasty infections, such as Silver leaf or canker.  Once pruned, keep an eye out for 'water shoots', which are simply fast-growing vertical shoots.  Remove these as soon as you see them over the next few months.

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    GlenG wrote (see)

    Cherry tree even (not cheery!)

    Well, ripe cherries are cheery!image

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