Pointing between paving slabs - help!

I have engaged a gardener to give me a quote for pointing between paving slabs. He has suggested that he will use resin as it is cheaper, quicker to use and just as effective as cement. Please can you help in your experience of pointing as I want an outcome of a nice looking paved area at a reasonable price, that stands the test of time. 




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    Hi Tandy and welcome image

    What are the slabs bedded onto?

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    they are 5 point set down onto concrete i think

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,688

    I've no experience of using resin for pointing.  Our terrace has been bedded onto concrete and pointed with cement.

    What do others think?

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    My paths and patio are York stone with no pointing, but I like plants seeding into the gaps, to soften the look.

    It is strange that I get plants self seeding in the cracks, which I can never get to germinate in a seed tray.

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  • We have recently had a new patio and used a polymeric jointing mortar - is this the same as resin??  The patio was quite large and the job was done in a morning.  It has given a really good finish.  The product itself was pretty expensive but saved us a fortune in labour costs.  It was a german product - VDW, or something similar I think it was called but I can check for you, if you like.  You use it as a wet slurry - beware anything that is used as a dry sand and then watered in as my friend used this but it only lasted about a year or two before it all started coming out.  Although I can't speak for this products longevity because we only had it done about a month ago - the reviews are good though - so fingers crossed image

  • Thanks, jo47 - that's the one.  You have saved me a trip to the shed to find it image


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    Thank you so much for all your feedback and information. 


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