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Tomato leaves

When should I remove lower leaves from tomatoes in a greenhouse?


  • When they serve no more useful purpose and start going yellow-but don't go mad-only as high as just below the first truss-say leave around 6 inches from soil top to first leaf-roughly

  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127

    I have read the latest research from the US on Tom leaves. They have found that the plants do not require more than 4 sets of leaves per plant as we are only feeding the leaves, not the fruit.

    I remember having a patient who was at that time (1980`s) the head garden man for NORWEB (North Western Electricity Board, as was). He experimented with mercury lighting bulbs suspended above Lettuce, Toms, herbs, etc and found great increase in growth and crop size if the hours of light was extended. He was one of the first horticulturalists to show that Lettuce can be grown from seed sowing to full size in 3 weeks!

    He also found that Tomatoes require a minimum ROOT temperature of 54 degrees (sorry you will need to convert that into the modern figures - I think around 12C) which means an AIR temperature of around 60 degrees for growth to occur.

  • crofter20crofter20 Posts: 2

    Many thanks -taking off 2 lower leaves from each plant

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