Planting Records

If you've been looking for an app to keep a record of your plants; where, when and how. What do they/did they look like, common/scientific names, horticultural notes, supplier, cost and so on look no further! I can recommend 'Garden Tracks' which is free from the Windows Store. As a novice gardener I find it an invaluable tool to help me keep track of things. P.S. I have been in regular contact with the developer in USA but only to try to make the app easier to use and more useful.


  • I must admit I find a notebook and pencil ( or biro if we are being ultra modernimage ) works pretty well.......legible, quick to refer to and no power needed.image

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 16,194

    An old A4 ring binder and a Word for Windows document do me fine. I'm of the generation where I find evwn that fairly adventurous.image

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  • OK. But how would you keep a favourite image of a plant or images to show the progress of a plant.
  • I'm 70.
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    I'm afraid I just take a photo and then another one and so on and,  if I get round to it, I print them off on one page and put them in the ring binder.

    I haven't really done it for single plants but I have done it for areas of the garden.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • Photos, drawings, detailed descriptions.....whatever suits your abilities.  That's half the interest surely ?

    If you are 70 Compostjohn, you must surely remember those ?image

    Beats me how anyone survived before Appsimage


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    One day I'll discover what an app is. image

    I do keep a list and notes, year by year, in files on the computer but mostly they just serve to remind me what died somewhere along the wayimage

  • Short for Apple ( the sort you munch ) I think ?

    Could be wrong thoimage

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    Oh dear. I assumed it was application. image

    Still don't know what one does though.

  • Hi Compostjohn, will the app work on a windows 7 laptop, if so have you got a web address? I googled it but it wasn't free??

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