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hi i have some petunias in baskets lots of foliage but on the end of the stems where they should be flowers they have like green spongy effect what could the problem be thanks.


  • Did you deadhead them as each individual flower died.You may be describing the seed forming behind the flower, in which case you are close to losing all hope of more flowers. When you deadhead a petunia it is important not to simply remove the flower which will often fall off. You must nip further down the stem beyond the swelling behind the flower, which is the seed forming. Once seed is formed the plant gives up further flowering. My advice is to deadhead thoroughly ALL the flowers now, every single one, at whatever stage of development they are. This should spur the plant to start flowering again. It will flower again if there is any life in it at all, and you won't have to wait long. They are prolific flowerers but you must be equally ruthless in regularly deadheading.

  • thanks they do look like seed heads but they havent even flowered yet so how can this be.

  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    Have they got wet? Did you get them from homebase or similar? These places tend to water from the top down all over flowers and developing flowers, in the case of pets, too much water from above can result in them rotting off at the bud stage. My advice would be to remove all of the 'green spongy effect' to half inch below where it ends, give the plants a liquid feed once a week and you will find if we have some sun and temps stay up, plants should come back strong and flower their socks off. Good luck.

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