Lily of the Valley

Just wanted to know what is the best time to transfer Lily of the Valley from a friend's garden to mine and does it require any special compost etc?




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    It will either take one look at your garden and attempt a take over, or it will look and promptly die!!  It took me several years, and several donations to get it going, and now it runs all over the place - this I am happy with I must say.  However, it has found its way to the bottom of the garden which surprises me somewhat as I never put it there.  So, if this gift does not take this try, and indeed now is a good time, don't worry, it will eventualy get a grip. 

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  • Bobbin2Bobbin2 Posts: 2

    Thanks for your help and information,and I will now use pots rather than the garden where the lily of the valley would be battling with the campanula for supremacy!

  • Rodgy-dodgeRodgy-dodge Posts: 115

    I move mine last year as we where building over the patch where it was, it came back but hasn't flowered image maybe next year. If it invades why not plant it in a pot and sink it like you would with garden mint? just a thought it does smell divine.

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    I killed my first lot of lily of the valley, but was delighted to get a few flowers from my second attempt this year. It's in a small patch of soil that it's very welcome to take over. I'm tempted to introduce it to an enormous shaded area under a long conifer hedge.

    How bad could it be if it took over there? Would I regret it?

    I adore the smell, and it looks so small and innocuous...

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     They are like cats.......if they like you they go mad, if they don't they won't grow! It took me a couple of attempts to get them to grow. They now look lovely under a mature Bramley.They share the area with wild garlic, foxgloves,ferns, euphobia(orange ones) and a few other semi shade lovers.

    So, if you like them and their fragrance, coax them on and they will take over the garden. Enjoy!image

  • Is it possible to transplant lily of the valley as late as October?


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