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Conifer Hedge


We have currently got a boundary hedge of conifers and noticed that they are starting to die.So my husband has just brought some Westren Red Cedar conifers to replace the whole hedge.These new ones are only small at the moment so we thought about trying to grow them on a bit before planting.Any advice for us, would be appreciated.

My thought is they are only going to survive if put in larger pots, fed and protected from their first winter.Or should we just plant tham now?


  • Rodgy-dodgeRodgy-dodge Posts: 115

    Hi petal7, I bought some yew bare roots earlier in the year and wish I'd brought them on in pots first, I think I'm loosing a couple as there's no sign of new growth. I supose it down to how long are you prepared to wait befor planting them where you want them.

  • They will only improve if put into larger pots, so easier to plant out straight away!

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