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Hi, can anyone please tell me what style fencing this is and where i can get panels from?

I thought it was traditional lap but the ones in b&q arent the same.

Thanks in advance.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,956

    Hi daz - they do look like lap but hard to see as pic is on it's side! They actually look upside down. If you do a search online for fencing you'll find lots of fencing companies with pix of the various types of panel available. I used 'Fence-Supermarket' to get posts from recently and they stock all the panels too but there are loads of places which do them. Lots of builder's merchants stock them too and are cheaper.image

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  • BrummieBenBrummieBen Posts: 460

    I replaced 30 metres of fencing last year. Use google and find local fencing companies, the horizontal rubbish at homebase and b&Q is rubbish and expensive. I got 6ft x 6ft shiplap fencing (vertical) all preserved and mounted on 2x2" batten for 20 quid each. Vertical last much longer than horizontal. Also the boards were 1" thick and the whole lot was heavily treated. £5 a board cheaper than the fly-away rubbish that rots after a year or two from the regular places, mind it weighs a bit so get a mate to help. But then that's the quality.. I never understand why people buy balsa for a fence at silly prices!

  • dazmauldazmaul Posts: 3

    Hi,thanks for the replies. The panels are not like the traditional lap panels i can find. Where they are all in line one after the other these seem to be two together with a board across the point where the two join on both sides in the configuration.

    I am trying to match the existing panels as not to have to replace the whole lot.

  • cazziebcazzieb Posts: 5

    Hi Daz

    they are heavy duty waney lap panels - I have these at the bottom of my garden. If you put this term as a search you should find what you are looking for image


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