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I bought a Strelitzia last year around 300mm tall, it has grown really well with several new leaves. Recently I repotted it into a bigger pot as it was obviously pot bound, last week I moved it into the garden for the first time this year and left it out over night for a few nights and one night the temperature dropped to 3c. There was a new shoot growing out of the middle but it isn't like the previous leaves, it's a much lighter colour of green and it has now finally grown to full height and has flopped over as it's very limp, there's no stem, just a long spiralled leaf. What is this leaf and has the one night of 3c killed the plant off, should I chop the leaf off and hope for the best. 


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    I remember being told that it is good to let it get a little pot bound and not to let it get too much free space in a pot. 

    I bought mine about the size you have yours and mine is now about 3ft tall and 3ft wide. We have had some strange leaves too and it is currently in the conservatory and loves it but I thought it had died last year when we got two leaves which split all the way through as they unraviled. 

    I wouldn't cut it off unless its gone brown if I were you. 


  • Hello NickyB,

    thanks for your reply, the decision has been made for me, it's been very windy here today and the strange leaf had almost snapped off, just hanging on by a thread so I've removed it, gulp! That's an interesting point about being potbound, I'd not heard that before, I've repotted it into a much bigger pot than the old one to save repotting it every year, maybe that was a mistake. I've brought the plant back in to the conservatory now where it seemed much happier, I'll just have to cross my fingers and wait and see what happens. 

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    Aww... poor thing. 

    It has been really windy here too today. I hope that your plant recovers well. Have you had any flowers yet? I had one 2 years ago at Christmas and it lasted for well over a month. It was beautiful. But then I repotted and was told it might take 2-3 years for it to flower again :-/ 

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    Here is my monster now...



  • Hello NickyB,

                         I've not had any flowers yet, it's only about two years old so I think I've got a wait on my hands. I've been on holiday in North Devon for the last week and I left the plant in, in the conservatory and it seems a lot happier now, I think it's recovered from the 3 degrees. Your plant looks in good shape, very healthy, you're lucky to have had a flower, the leaves on my plant are different in shape to yours and I think I may have a  different species, my leaves are around 8-10 inches long but are slightly pear shaped. Your plant looks more like the traditional one that you see in the Canaries, Madeira etc.     


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